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01 New generation CMS

Novius OS is a fast and powerful Open Source CMS designed for communication professionals and Internet-lovers. Built with the latest technology and designed as an operating system, it stands out thanks to its innovative features: content is created once to be then published everywhere.

02 Open Source technology

Novius OS is an Open Source project – distributed under the AGPL v3 license – for more transparency and openness. From Japan to the US, contributors get involved into this project by taking part in its improvement and expanding its reach. Feel free to meet us in our forums, you are most welcome.

03 Increased productivity

Working from your computer or tablet, either alone or with your team, is very easy thanks to its straightforward and smart interface. Being thought for professionals, Novius OS is multi-tasking: you can easily go from one tab to the other without losing your content and save the work space to save time.

04 Simplified multichannel publishing

In just a few clicks, you can publish your content in many channels with no effort: websites, newsletters, social media or blogs. Your digital communication is gathered and organised seamlessly in one single tool.

05 Multisite and multilanguage management from one single interface

Share your content and media across many sites according to the context and language. Novius OS offers native multisite and multilanguage settings.

06 Powerful and user-friendly media centre

Being intuitive and fast, the media centre allows you to easily organise and view media thanks to its Windows or Mac Finder-like explorer. Key features: the media centre keeps the images' HD versions and offers SEO options.

07 At-a-glance evaluation of performance

Smart dashboards will provide in real time an overview of your digital communication. Keep an eye on your performance indicators, cross-check your data or measure your ROI in a single tool.

08 Easy-to-intregrate business applications

Novius OS allows you to create tailored business applications seamlessly. Your back-office will perfectly suit your business thanks to applications based on your process and workflow.

They talk about Novius OS

They talk about Novius OS

More about Novius OS          We have a vision for the Internet : multichannel, open and easy.

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Developers, users, bloggers and designers, get involved!

Novius OS is an Open Source project so every contribution is welcome whether it relates to the code, interface or help. Feel free to report any bugs, submit your ideas or participate in the forums threads or, for the technicians, directly on GitHub.

On, you will also find many resources to deepen your knowledge of the softwareblog, screencasts or documentation.

If you blog and want to write an article about Novius OS, you will find many resources in the press section.

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