Our vision

Internet: its opportunities and complexity

The Internet is fantastic, it allows you to go faster, further and higher in many domains. It allows you to imagine new ways of communication completely unthinkable 20 years ago.
But the Internet is complex and many are those who feel uncomfortable when having to actually use its tools.

The first web wave has given born to a new era of communication thanks to the websites and e-mailing outburst. However these new communication codes and techniques had to be learnt. Web 2.0, led by social media and mobile web, provided an extraordinary interactive experience but increased the channels to master. Web 3.0, the semantic web, offers even more opportunities but make Internet communication complex again.

Communication professionals – I have in mind communication agencies and communication and marketing directors – have seen digital burst into their day-to-day.
Why is Internet a challenge for them?

More opportunities, less complexity

Novius' mission is to empower communication professionals with services and innovative tools to successfully achieve their strategy on the Internet.

Our aim is to make their life easier, overcome these barriers and make them enjoy the Internet resources. To do so, we want to offer them powerful and comprehensive tools which allow them to communicate on all Internet media in the easiest way possible.

Novius OS, our leading software, takes up the challenge.

OS is two-folded: Operating System and Open Source.
First, an operating system as its goal is to operate in a simple way all your Internet-communication-related data: websites, newsletters, mobile websites and applications, product catalogues, blogs, social media pages, news feed, not to mention statistics related to all these different channels, as well as the follow-up of your SEO, traffic, influence and purchases, etc.
Secondly, it is developed as open source since we think that it is the only way to proceed if the aim is to reach a critical size and to be useful to all participants, wherever they are in the planet. You can use it for free, whoever you are and wherever you are. You can also contribute, by testing, improving, translating, and help so that it becomes the best content management tool ever thought.

For those who want to put their mind at rest and don't really want to bother with technical problems, we host this software under the Novius Cloud brand. In this offer, the software is maintained, updated, controlled, improved and enhanced.
It is our second mission and, we must admit it, what allows us to live and go further in developing this software.

In order to bring down the barriers previously mentioned and, since a software without a service does not make sense, our teams will create, imagine, innovate, configure, develop, support and implement whatever is needed to make the most of our solutions.


You may have guessed it, innovation is THE keyword at Novius. All Novusians work on this innovation culture to imagine new solutions and explore new ways. The objective? Allowing those who have a strong digital ambition and who want to tell their story on the Internet – the story of their brand or their organisation - to stay connected to the most innovating trends and thus take advantage of this wonderful source of opportunities today and in the future.

Anthony Bleton
Anthony Bleton, Novius CEO